Friday, January 30, 2015

February 5

Hello everyone! We sure had a great day in class yesterday! What fun we're going to have!
Below are your assignments for both the drawing unit and the personal narrative unit. Be sure to read through it all, and be sure to come fully prepared for class next week!!!  See you then!

Drawing homework: 
1. Read the Foreword in your drawing workbook

2. Read the Post-exercise remarks on page 2
3. Do Exercise 2 and exercise 3 in your drawing workbook. 
    ***Instead of drawing in your workbook, I recommend drawing on a sheet of white paper in the back of your folio and storing them in your folio. The paper in the workbook is very thin and you can see the lines of the opposite page through onto your drawing surface which may be distracting.
4. Council with your parents about the mild, very rare nude drawings in the workbook and determine how you want to handle the images. If what I have done is fine leave it as is, if you want more coverage, do whatever makes you all feel comfortable :) (I have already ripped out a page that was more than I was comfortable with!) p. 10 and 142

Personal Narratives
Well that was sure fun listening to Donald Davis show us how to come up with good 'troubles' for our stories! I could see a lot of 'pictures' coming into your minds. :) I'm sure that each one of you have some great ideas for narratives stored in your memories!

Your assignment for this week is to read through the narratives packet that I gave you in class, and to also read through the list of writing prompts.  As you read through the prompts, do just like you did in class when Mr. Davis offered some prompts - write down a few words that would easily remind you of the 'trouble' or 'situation' and keep this list and be sure to bring it with you to class next week.
Next week in class we will be doing an activity that will require you to have access to both the list you made today in class with Mr. Davis' video, as well as the list you make at home from the prompts in the packet. So make sure you have them both in class next week.

So the homework in a nutshell is:
1. Read all the stories in the Narratives packet
2. Read through all the prompts and write down any ideas that come to you
3. Bring the two sets of ideas with you to class next week
4. And just as a reminder, please remember to get the book Leonardo daVinci by Diane Stanley and read it. We will have a discussion on it on February 26. Be sure to have it read by then so we can have an engaging discussion!

(PS - It seems there is one solitary sentence that was accidentally omitted from the last story in the booklet entitled "Guarding Angel." Here is the last sentence: "When I did, I used my brakes the whole way down. This time, I wasn't going to forget.")

Have fun!

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