Friday, February 20, 2015

February 26

It was so nice to simply draw with everyone in class this last week! You are all doing so well!  Your homework this week is to do more drawings, 2-3 hours worth. You can do more hand drawings while holding things or without, or you can do some still life drawings.. whatever you'd like to do. Just keep practicing the skills we've talked about and work on improving your skills!

Personal Narratives:
High fives to those of you who got your rough drafts done! Congratulations! It will be so fun to read through them! If you haven't yet finished your rough draft we highly encourage you to do so!!! If you can get it typed in the next couple of days you can email it to the group and still get comments from everyone. Your assignment for this week is to:
  • Read through your friend's rough drafts and give helpful comments, things that will not only encourage them but also really help them make their papers better.  Be sure to finish commenting on all the stories and bring them back next week and return them to their owners. 
  • Remember that after you get comments from everyone next week, you will have one week to write your final draft and then get it on your blog - it will then be magazine ready!
Also, our book discussion on Leonardo daVinci is next week, Feb. 26. Make sure to have it read by then so we can have a great discussion! 

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