Thursday, September 18, 2014

September 25

Here are your assignments due Sept. 25th

1. Write in your Writer's Journal 10 minutes everyday (except Sunday if you prefer). See "Writing Prompts for Daily Writing" on page 6 of your writing workbook (aqua cover).

2. Work on adding writing and images to your literary arts blog. Think about your blog's purpose and customize it to your purpose.

3. Send your blog's name/ address to Sister Johnson.

4. Go through the Character, Conflict, Setting process from our discussion today on Endless Story Ideas (see your worksheet on page 1) and come up with 3 story ideas that you like and would enjoy working with. List the character profiles, conflict particulars, and setting details for all 3 stories in your writers journal.

5. Read "10 Steps to Creativity" by Jack Weyland on page 10 of your writing workbook. If you're not familiar with who Jack Weyland is, he is a prolific writer of LDS fiction who wrote short stories for the New Era Magazine for many years. He is the author of several of the stories in your workbook. I think he has some great suggestions for those of us who are seeking to create. 

Don't be like this poor writer in this comic strip who becomes a victim to PROCRASTINATION! Set aside 3 hours of study time each week for your work in this class. Make a date with yourself and don't stand yourself up! Good luck!

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