Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September 18

Here's your assignments due Sept 18:

1. Set up a blog dedicated to be your own literary arts blog. Remember, you can establish as many personal blogs as you like, but you are going to create and work on a literary arts blog specifically for this class with the assignments of this class that fulfill the purposes of this class :)  Here is a link to the video that Sis. Johnson showed us in class last time on how to set up a blog. (Yes, it shows the old format of blogger, but the fundamentals are pretty much the same.)

2. If you weren't in class last time, click on the tabs "About our class" and "Founding Principles" to get caught up on the vision and purpose of our class.

3. Read or watch the following talk by Elder Bednar. Come prepared to discuss what this talk has to do with our class and how we can apply what he is teaching to our creative and literary efforts.

4. Obtain and bring to class each week a writing journal - it can be a simple notebook, lined paper in a binder, a fancy or leather-bound journal, or notes on an electronic device. If you choose an electronic device, plan to print what you've written each week and keep in a folder. You will use this writing journal for in-class writing exercises and writing practice you will do at home.

Work hard to be prepared and we'll see you Thursday!!! 

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