Friday, March 27, 2015

April 2

Wow, it has sure been great to see all the things you've been creating!! From your drawings in and out of class, to all of your awesome artist trading cards! What a talented and creative bunch!

Well, we are fast approaching the end of this semester and we still have Lots to do!
Keep your foot on the gas peddle and let's finish with gusto!!!!

You have 4 weeks to do the first two assignments, so be sure to work hard so you will be pleased with your efforts!
Both are DUE April 23rd!

1.) Keep gathering and putting things into Blurb for your Magazines. (You can refer to the schedule here.)  A great suggestion is to spend some time spiritually creating your magazine. Imagine what you want it to look like - what things you want to include. You've been learning how to 'see' like an artist in the drawings you've been doing, use that skill to 'see' what you'd like your magazine to look like. Two definitions of 'see' are:
  • to perceive (things) mentally; discern; understand
  • to construct a mental image of; visualize 
How do you want to feel about your magazine once it's created and in your hands?  Really take time to think about it and you'll be amazed at what your creative heart will come up with! You can roughly draw it out on paper like the one I showed you in class that I did. I promise you I felt a whole lot better about this whole thing after I had done a lot of the creation in my mind and drawn it out on paper. After you do this it will be much easier to actually create the layout on Blurb. Trust me!! (Below is a copy of my 'story board' for my magazine that I showed you in class.) 

2.) REMEMBER: You will each be doing an in-class presentation on your Special Feature on April 23, which is only 4 weeks away. In this presentation you'll be telling us about your topic as well as showing us any visual aids about it.  April 23 is also THE BIG DAY as it's the LAST DAY to order your magazine!!! 

3.) Several of you said you'd like to continue doing Artist Trading Cards this week. Keep 'em coming! It's so fun to see them and to trade!


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